Mission Statement
of the
Hardware and Computing Knowledge Society
at the
University of Arizona

Our founding principle is simple: There is no substitute for practical experience.

The mission of HACKS at The University of Arizona is to provide our community with an open environment that furthers understanding of technology through hands-on experience with relevant hardware and software resources. By enabling access to infrastructure and tools endemic to the complex nature of systems and services, we look to strengthen the foundations of our students and contribute to their success in a world permeated by networked interactivity.

Our belief is that all disciplines benefit from better understanding of these technological foundations and as such we welcome all students in all programs to reach out and see what HACKS can do to help them in their chosen fields. Any and all interested and motivated people are encouraged to take advantage of the unique environment HACKS offers for discovery and the opportunity to strengthen their own knowledge as well as that of others.

“This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.”
-The Hacker’s Manifesto