Ratified February, 1990

Re-Ratified February 2016


The name of this organization shall be:


This organization is a student organization at the University of Arizona.



The objectives of this organization shall be:

a. To represent and fulfill students' needs and wants in regards to learning more about the use, utilization, and operation of computers.

b. To provide a forum for the presentation of ideas to benefit the U of A and surrounding community.

c. To provide a common ground for the fellowship of students and faculty of the U of A.

d. To promote the use of computers in society by sharing knowledge of their use with others.



The offices of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Recorder, and Treasurer. The offices are listed in order of highest to lowest rank.



Election of Officers.

a. Officers will be elected by written ballot, with each active member casting a vote. Ballots will not be counted until all votes have been cast or until one hour after the first vote has been cast. A majority of votes will constitute a victory.

b. Members wishing to run for an office shall be required to speak prior to the casting of votes in a meeting of fellow active members.

c. Election of officers will take place at an appropriate time no later than the 3rd week of the Fall semester and at an appropriate time no later than the 3rd week of the Spring semester.

d. Officers will assume office from the time of their election until the next election or until they are removed from office by way of recall procedures outlined below.

Recall of Officers.

a. Officers are subject to recall for malfeasance in office.

b. Recall procedures will be initiated at the request of 5 active members.

c. A hearing will be conducted at the regular meeting for the presentation of evidence from all concerned parties.

d. The recall hearing shall be presided over by an active member elected at the hearing by the greatest number of votes.

e. 2/3 of those active members voting in a recall at the end of the hearing is necessary to remove any office.

f. Upon the request of five active members, to be submitted no later than two weeks after the announcement of results of the Recall hearing, an appeal hearing shall be convened for the purpose of attempting to reverse the decision of the previous recall hearing. This hearing is subject to all rules pertaining to the recall hearing and the decision reached is final.

g. 2/3 of those active members voting in an appeal at the end of the hearing is necessary to reverse the previous decision.

i. Only new evidence may be presented verbally at an appeal hearing.

h. A recall hearing may not be called twice to debate the same set of alleged malfeasance incidents.

j. If the decision to remove an officer is reversed, the officer may reassume office upon the announcement of these results.

Temporary Leaves

a. An officer may appoint a fellow willing member to replace them for a short duration if they have prior obligations, at any time this officer may retake his position when his other responsibilities are accomplished.

b. In the event that a replacement is unable to be provided, a temporary replacement shall be appointed as need at meetings and activities, by a majority hand count of those present, not to be less than a quorum.

c. Where necessary, the highest presiding officer may temporarily take over the responsibility of an officer that is not present.



  1. Any student at the University of Arizona is eligible to be an active member and may hold office.
  2. An active member is one who has paid the required dues to the club.
  3. Non-students may act as associate members, but may not vote or hold office.



  1. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the active members of the organization.
  2. A simple majority of voters shall be required to make decisions affecting the organization unless otherwise stated in this document.
  3. Votes affecting the whole of the organization shall not be conducted without a quorum present to vote.
  4. A quorum is required to decide to postpone a voting.
  5. A quorum is required to decide to override a voting postponement.


  1. This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of those voting, a quorum being present.
  2. Voting on amendments must be conducted after a minimum notice of 1 week.
  3. Possible amendments may be drafted and proposed by any active member. Proposals of amendments must occur during regularly scheduled meetings.



  1. This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, handicap or age in any of its policies, procedures, and practices. This policy will include, but is not limited to recruiting, membership, organization activities, or opportunity to hold office.
  2. This organization shall not discriminate against Vietnam Veterans.
  3. Members who violate this policy may, after due process, be expunged from the organization.



This constitution shall be duly ratified for presentation to the Office of Student Activities and Organizations if 7 of those originally interested in forming or joining the club vote for such action.



Until the first officers have been elected as described above, the founder of this organization shall act as chairperson and shall appoint willing active members to the remaining offices.



A majority of voting members of this organization may determine reasonable dues, and fees assessed to each member at the beginning of each semester.

A specific member, or members, designated by this organization shall be responsible for payment in full of all debts accumulated by the organization not covered by funds on deposit.



This organization will not conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending the institution.



This organization shall comply with all University and campus policies and regulations and local, state, and federal laws.


I. Cabinet

  1. All Cabinet members are responsible for assisting and culturing future replacements.

A. President

1. Coordinates all activities of the organization.

2. Liaison to University Community.

3. Official representative of organization.

4. Calls regular and special meetings.

5. Presides at meetings.

6. Prepares agenda for meetings.

B. Vice President

  1. Assists the President is all their duties.

C. Treasurer

1. Liaison to Office of Student Activities and Organizations for the purposes of Organizational funding.

2. Maintains accurate and current account of all organizational funds.

3. Responsible for dispensing of funds in accordance with goals and programs established by organization.

4. Responsible for maintaining the club bank account.

D. Recorder

1. Maintains accurate and current information of the organization and membership.

2. Assists Chairperson to coordinate activities.

3. Keeps accurate minutes of each meeting and forwards copies to each officer.

4. Keeps attendance records of meetings.


Meetings will be open to all organization active and associate members, faculty, and office of Student Activities and Organization Representatives. A notice of at least 1 week will be given prior to all meetings. The meetings are to be organized and controlled by officers and active members.

We the undersigned, being seven of the original members of this organization, have voted for the ratification of this constitution for the Hardware and Computing Knowledge Society.

Joe Fico
Michael Shimniok Ulysses Castillo
Richard Dalton Thomas A. Michaud
William K. Fisher

Amendment I

Approved February, 2016

Officers - Ranking shall now be in the order of: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recorder

A. President - The office of Chairperson as listed in the constitution under Bylaws, section I, subsection A, shall henceforth be entitled "President" and the responsibilities associated with that office shall remain unaffected.

B. Vice President - The office of Vice President has been approved by vote and shall have duties defined as follows.

1. Coordinates and supervises all projects the club is undertaking.

2. Maintains a record for club projects and is responsible for recording member's participation.

3. Assists other officers in their duties.

Amendment III

Approved February, 2016

This is a not-for-profit organization.

Amendment IV

Approved February, 2016

Only active members may hold office

Officer positions:

  • President
    • In cases where a consensus cannot be reached, the President shall make an executive decision
  • Vice-president
    • Shall take over as president in the president’s absence
  • Secretary
    • Maintain a record at meetings
    • Maintain a record of club policies
  • Treasurer
    • The treasurer shall be responsible for the bank account
    • The treasurer shall be responsible for the collecting of club dues
  • Systems Administrator
    • The Systems Administrator shall be responsible for setting up and maintaining all core services in working order to the best of their ability
    • Core services shall be defined to include:
      • DNS
      • A website
      • Mail services
    • All resources not devoted to core services shall be the collective responsibility of the officers, to be delegated to members as warranted
    • All services running on HACKS machines shall be made known to and recorded by the Systems Administrator
  • Master Doorkeeper
    • The Master Doorkeeper shall be responsible for controlling physical access to the HACKS room.
    • The Master Doorkeeper may delegate control of the door, but remains responsible for enforcing a room access policy to be decided upon by a consensus of the officers present at the first meeting after the ratification of this amendment
    • The door policy may be amended at any meeting by a consensus of all officers present--provided a majority of all officers is present
    • The Master Doorkeeper must be one of: the President, the Vice President, or the Treasurer

Club Policies

  • All donations to the club shall be permanent
  • Any machines present in the HACKS room before the ratification of this amendment, and having been previously owned by an alumnus of the club may be claimed by the alumnus, or formally donated, but shall not otherwise remain in the HACKS room without approval from a majority of all active officers including the President.
  • No member at any time shall use any HACKS property for personal/club profit without consent of the current Cabinet.
  • Any member found doing any malicious activity shall be held solely responsible for any and all repercussions of said actions.